quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009


The best sound is the sound of silence

Boys soccer made it to the finals after a tense game against the Giants at Campinas. The game started with good chances of goals for both teams, eac was controlling the game with fast passes in the midfield and the wings, however they couldn't pass through the trojans solid defensive system. Chapel opened the score with the help of the goalkeeper that after a long kick couldn't hold the ball. After that the whole game was played at EAC attacking side. Chapel was suffering a lot of pressure, and 2 min to the end of the game eac scored, the crowd went insane. In the penalties Vicente defended two penalties and the trojans were classified for the finals against the eagles.


Girls basketball went to EAC as well for a though game against the Giants. After loosing both games during the season, Chapel proved to the giants that they weren't easy to beat and they had a great team. The girls demonstrate commitment and perseverence. Now, they are looking forward to the final against St Pauls at their place. After long years of bad results, Mr, Dillon changed trojans way of playing and increased their expectations in Big 8.

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