quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2009


Preseason is already on and I will make some prediction of each sport results in Big 4 and High School League


Boys Futsal 2nd place in SPHSL and 2nd place in BIG 4

Girls Volley 2nd place in SPHSL and 1st place in BIG 4

Boys Volley 4th place in BIG 4

Girls Futsal 2nd place in BIG 4

Boys Softball 3rd place in BIG 4

Girls Softball 2nd place in BIG 4

Let's see at the end of the year if i'm right.


This year Chapel day was horrible. The activities designed for students were boring compared to last year chapel day where students had soap soccer, kick ball, volley, and ping pong tournaments. Chapel day should be a day of celebration and excitement like it was in 2008. This day we should celebrate CHAPEL SCHOOL and who makes CHAPEL SCHOOL awesome are the students so students should have fun activities. Throwing a ball up and down or wating five hours to play badminton isn't fun. STUCO should do something about it and start to work in favor for the school and not in favor on them like only being at STUCO for their curriculum at Chapel.

sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2009

Big 8 Results

Boys Soccer - 4th place - Boys soccer presented a good soccer during the competition, and unluckly they lost against ASA in the semi finals.

Girls Soccer - 3rd place - Girls played with grace at Big 8. However the lost against Graded in penaltis made them play against ASA(1ST PLACE) in the semi final which resulted in a 3x1 loss

Boys Basketball- 6th place - They had a good team but their group was the death group with the 1st,2nd, 3rd place of last big 8. In the 5th place game, they lost against PACA in a difficult game.

Girls Basketball - 4th place - They were confident throught the competition and were showing a lot of commitment. However they weren't able to beat ASA in the semi finals.



People who stayed at São Paulo during the WOC week had a pleasent time with a variety of activities. Monday we went to the Coca Cola Factory in Jundiai-SP and we learned about the coca cola production and history of coca cola in Brasil. Tuesday we spend the whole day at Chapel and we watched 4 TED talks that explained the way humans should live. Also we played Badminton with coach Marcello. Wednesday we watched a great movie called the Emperor's Club, played futsal, and created a blog to talk about staying in Sao Paulo during WOC. Thursday we went to the brazilian Stock Market called Bovespa. we learned about how to invest in the market and about the Bovespa's history. Friday was boring.