domingo, 21 de março de 2010


Recently our delegates represented Chapel School in the Brazillian Model United Nation at Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro. BRAMUN counts with american and brittish schools in Brazil and students are divided into 5 categories.

1.SC (Security Council)

2.PC (Political Committee)

3.ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council)

4.HRC (Human Rights Committee)

5.UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees)


Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the United Nations General Assembly and other sub-groups of the United Nations. . The purpose of Model United Nations is to involve students in the study and discussion of global issues and politics in the hope that they will strive to make the world a better place to live when they are the leaders. Students who participate will research, write and publicly debate their assigned nation’s stance on the forum issues.


This Wednesday we need your help!Our Varsity boys Futsal team MUST win the game against Graded in order to advance to the League semi-finals! Your presence and your support can make a difference!Boys will play first at 4:30, followed by our amazing girls Volleyball team. So if you want to see two great games, please come and support your classmates. I promise you won't regret!I hope I can count on your presence.

Where: Chapel main gym

When: March 24th 2010 - 4:30 pm

Who: Chapel TROJANS X Graded EAGLES

Booster club will be selling delicious snakcs.

Amazing tie against the rednecks (EAC).

Everyone was waiting for this game for 8 reasons.
1.Chapel and Eac are mortal rivals.
2. Chapel and Eac always play excellent and tense games.
3. There's always someone send out of the game.
4. They are both Big 8 last winners
5. Chapel won in Big 8 final and SPHL semi finals against the giants
6. Eac won against Chapel at the SPHL futsal finals and won the last game 9x2.
7. Chapel need the victory so the semi finals goal is achieved.
8. EAC need to win so they can classify for the finals at home.


Chapel started with Vicente, Martin, Christian, Filipe, and Kim. The majority of the starting team was sophmores. The trojans started with the zone defense and it was working well until a surprising kick from behind open the score for the giants. Chapel tied the game with an excellent change of passes between Christian and Martin with a right low kick of Martin. After that everything went horrible for the Trojans. The gians easily scored 3 goals.4x1. The good thing about it was that Eac's best player Robertinho was send out of the game after two agressive fouls. Even when a trojans player was also send out of the game, Chapel was still braverly fighting and scored 3 goals and tied the game. But that wasn't enough to win, now the Trojans NEED to win against their major rival GRADED.

Trojans' home defeat against PACA

Chapel players had in the mind that if they lost the game against the warriows they would be 99% excluded from the semifinals. Consequently, Chapel players were very focused and were motivated after the speech captain Pietro gave to the players.

The game started with both teams looking to score, and Chapel with Pietro scored the first goal after a strong kick from the captain. Right after the first goal, Chapel scored another one and relaxed in the gym. Because of that PACA scored 4 goals and ended the first half on the lead.

Coach Marcello was very mad at the players due to the four goals made by Paca because of defensive mistakes. Coach changed the way of the team playing at the second half and changed some players.

Second Half started with Chapel pressuring Paca with strong kicks and fast passess. However, the team was only preocuppied in scoring goals and the defense was vulnerable. Chapel scored two goals but PACA made five, again on the trojans defesinve mistakes.

END OF GAME: Chapel 4x9 PACA