domingo, 21 de março de 2010

Trojans' home defeat against PACA

Chapel players had in the mind that if they lost the game against the warriows they would be 99% excluded from the semifinals. Consequently, Chapel players were very focused and were motivated after the speech captain Pietro gave to the players.

The game started with both teams looking to score, and Chapel with Pietro scored the first goal after a strong kick from the captain. Right after the first goal, Chapel scored another one and relaxed in the gym. Because of that PACA scored 4 goals and ended the first half on the lead.

Coach Marcello was very mad at the players due to the four goals made by Paca because of defensive mistakes. Coach changed the way of the team playing at the second half and changed some players.

Second Half started with Chapel pressuring Paca with strong kicks and fast passess. However, the team was only preocuppied in scoring goals and the defense was vulnerable. Chapel scored two goals but PACA made five, again on the trojans defesinve mistakes.

END OF GAME: Chapel 4x9 PACA

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa disse...

I enjoy reading your posts about the games, even when the score isn't always in Chapel's favor.