sábado, 17 de outubro de 2009

Chapel 3x0 Graded - a flawless victory against the 1st place team

Tension was getting higher when the game was approaching to its beginning. Chapel players realized that the game agaisnt Graded was vital to reach the semi final against Campinas, for this reason the players managed to have a meeting in the locker room to talk abour the new tatics and strategies. 3-5-2 (as i always emphasized before) was the chosen tatic by players and coach marcello, it was the first time Chapel was playing 3-5-2. However, it was decided that Chapel wouldn't play with a defesinve midfielder, only with 3 offensive midfielders. It was risky, but it could work. The starter team was Vicente, Joel, Pietro, Nicholas, Martin, Samir, Kim, Christian, Gandra, Tomas, and Filipe. The started with both teams studying the game and Graded was controlling the passes and was easily reaching the trojans' goal which made Vicente work a lot. When Matheus Dana(defensive midfielder) entered the game, things improved a lot for the trojans, in addition the trojans scored a goal in a fast counter attack. In the second half, Chapel managed to score two more goals one by penalty and the other by corner kick. The highlight of the game was the solid defensive and the hussle shown by the players. That was the team everybody was expecting, and if the trojans continue to play with strong attitude and hussle, big 8 and high school league could be won.

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