quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

Chapel's Bar: a nightmare for students. .

At break, lunch, or after school the majority of Chapel's students are concetrated at the bar that we are lucky to have . However for many years student number one concern are to improve bar in all aspects including food, chits, line, etc. STUCO, once, tried to change the situation but after they received a no from staff they gave up and never tried to begin a conversation with staff. Without a doubt, comparing to Graded and St Pauls, chapel have the worst bar. The food is really good however they lack chocolates, candies, and ice cream everything that a children whishes to eat after or during classtime. Mr. Cialello argues that there's a law in São Paulo that prohibites the selling of chocolates and candies in schools. First, students accepted Mr. Cialello argument but after they saw what Graded and St Pauls are selling they started to argue back, but they couldn't talk with the staff because STUCO didn't want to help people who voted on them. In my opinion, chocolates and candies should only be selled to high school students at break time and lunch, because highschool students have a concious mind about whats good or bad for them to eat. Another point is that it takes too long to buy chits, my idea is that each student should obtain a chapel credit card that should be used to buy chits. So that students doesn't waste money and uses it wisely Chapel should limit the amount of chits a student can buy in a day, week, or month. Small electronic boxes contains chits could be spread around campus and students could pass their cards and select the amount of chits they want and the electronic box will print the chits desired by the student. To decrease the amount of time a student wait to buy something at the bar, lines should be made in the front of the bar so people could fastly buy want they want. Surely, it would make things less stressful and easier for everybody. I hope STUCO do something about it.

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Caio disse...

True, however, if candies are bad for you, why do you mind in eating it? lol...in addition, i do believe you are right, chapel should make the Cheats and Lines better

Samir Hauache disse...

its good having a piece of candy after lunch. I said that candies should be only sold to high school students because they are capable of knowing that they should not eat candies and chocolates in a large amount.

Alisha Stafford Feitosa disse...

How expensive would these electronic boxes be?