sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2009

Terrible Start for the Trojans

In the beggining of the season Chapel played 4 games in each sport. 2 games for Boys Soccer, 2 games for girls Soccer, 2 games for Boys Basketball, and 2 games for Girls Basketball. The result was horrific, the opposite exepected from the coaches.
Boys soccer are seen as favorites to win Big 8, however their first two games wasn't played as Big 8 current champions should play. Although Chapel won 1x0 St Pauls in the first game, the team didn't had a good game with many flaws in the defense especially in the wings. Also Chapel doesn't have a good squad, the starters are good players but they don't have reposition in the bench. The second game Chapel started by beating EAC in Campinas by 2x0 with a perfect first half. The second half was completely the opposite, with many substitution made by coach Marcello, EAC came back by scoring 3 goals with the help of Chapel's players that taught that the game was won. There are many things that need to be corrected if Chapel want to win Big 8 again. Girls soccer are also seen as a excellent team that could win Big 8 this year. The team are pratically the same, but the soccer they played in those two games wasn't the soccer they played that took them to winning the silver medal in Big 8. In an apathic game against St Pauls they couldn't attack their opponents, neither control the ball, they lost by one goal scored in the second half. The game at Eac was much better, but still victory didn't came. The first half was 3x0 to EAC with many flaws made by the defensive players, but Silvia was able to score 3 goals and tie the game. At penalties, Chapel lost 3x2.
Chapel's Basketball hasn't show good results in the last years, and the beginning of the season isn't promising for Chapel. Boys bball lost their first two games against Paca and St Pauls. They need to improve a lot if they want to go far in Big 8 due to their difficult group that is Paca, Graded, and EAB current first, second and third place in Big 8. The girls presented an excellent game against PACA and won easily the game, however when the opponent got a little bit harder they lost. (St Pauls).
This week both sports have a difficult task playing against their biggest rival, Graded Eagles. Varsity Soccer will play at Graded hoping to win so they could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if they loose the game things will get much worse. Varsity Basketball has a home game against the Eagles. Without a doubt the presence of the crowd will be important, because its not easing playing basketball against Mr. Bear's team that is known for having a great b-ball team.

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