sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2009

Chapel's impressive 6X1 lost to Graded

Last tuesday, the Varisty Boys soccer had an important clash against the eagles at Graded. Chapel wanted to redempt from the 3x2 lost to EAC and beat Graded so the dream of bringing the League Final to Chapel remains. However, the game wasn't what coach Marcello expected, a humilliating 6x1 to Graded.

About the Game:
Although Graded was undefeated, Chapel's players was filled up with confidence. Coach Marcello tried to take advantage of the team's agility and started with a 4-3-3; Lucas, Martin, Nicholas, Joel, Lukas, Pietro, Christian, Kim, Filipe, Tomás, and Samir. When the game started things was going good for Chapel, the boys controlled the initial of the game and almost scored a goal. But when Graded scored opened the score with a perfect header, Chapel players was clearly disappointed because they practiced the whole week their header skills and their positioning in corner kicks. In less than 5 minutes the game was already 3x0 to Graded, and when the first half was getting over Filipe scored a goal trying to bring hope for Chapel. Coach Marcello made some substituion in the second half that resulted in 3 goals for Graded. The final result was 6x1 for Chapel's biggest rival. Horrific. Teribble. Humiliation. Speechless. There are no words that could define the way Chapel Trojans played. We wish them good luck against EAC on saturday.

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Claudia disse...

That's too bad, I hope Chapel have won the game against EAC today!