quinta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2009

Subs - Problems for teachers and students.

When a teacher is absent for any particular reason, a substitute replace the teacher, the problem at Chapel School is that most of the times substitute teachers becomes a problem for the students and for the absent teacher. Chapel provide substitute teachers that is not prepared to handle a class and keep control of the class. Students misbehave and don't respect the substitute because she doesn't have the control of students and doesn't show any sign of authority to the class. Also the absent teacher don't know who is going to sub him or her, therefore the teacher can't explain the substitute class topic and substitute can't provide the necessary information for the class that the absent teacher wanted to, hence it confuses the students and students can't complete the work with efficiency.
In addition, some of the substitute Chapel provided didn't speak english and couldn't have a conversation with foreign students. What students most argue about is that substitue is really unfair, because they ask before class starts to other teachers and Chapel staff who are class clowns, who are the good student, etc and they treat different the students because of the information they were given. For example if the class clown and the A+ student were misbehaving, the substitue will only send the class clown to the office because she was told who were the 'bad guys' as they like to say.
The solution for this case is that Chapel Staff should use Chapel's teachers as subs when another teacher is absent, because students will respect the teacher, the sub and teacher could talk and prepare the class to the students, and the 'sub' already know Chapel style of class and students.

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa disse...

It's interesting for me to hear about this topic from a student perspective. You make several good points, and I agree that having a substitute teacher in the classroom is never ideal.

The last school I taught at didn't have outside subs--it was always other teachers who covered the classes. There are good things about this idea (as you mention), and it wasn't usually a big deal, but I have to add that it can be hard for regular teachers to take on more than their regular load, especially if coverage is needed on a regular basis.

Alisha Stafford Feitosa disse...

I just noticed that I said "regular" three times in one sentence. I'm going to go sleep now.