quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009

New Late Policy Rule

In the past Chapel students was arguing about the loads of homeworks and projects teachers were assigning them, specially IB students. Student's main argument was that they couldn't manage their time due to sports, afterschool programs, and weekend activities. Also, the late policy rule at Chapel was that if a student didn't turn in the homework or project on time the student will get a 0 for the homewrok assigned and their grades would be harmed. Because of so many problems caused by this rule and students and parents complaining to the administration, Chapel's staff decided to change this rule so students could improve their learning. The new rule was necessary because now students have more time to complete a homework with more effiency and time.

The new rule is:

When a student fails to complete an assignment on time the teacher will record a zero in the work habit category of the graded book, this grade can't be changed. The teacher will notify the administration of the zero recorded in a student's grade book. The student will be assigned a study session to complete the late homework for a full credit in other categories of the grade book. According to Ms. Feitosa '' Although the new rule gives more work for teachers, students have a opportunity to recuperate the late homework and improve their grades''.
However, if a student's name appears in the study session list many times, a conference with principal and parents will be necesary and the students will be on academic probation.

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