segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

world cup cards new fever at Chapel

Instead of carrying textbooks, notebooks, and pencil cases students at Chapel changed to their Fifa World Cup album and cards. Every four years fifa world cup cards become a fever at schools, specially at Chapel where you can see students from all grades changing their cards with friends and even with people they never talk to. Teachers also buy their albums and they get their cards mainly when students donate to them or when they confiscate from students that are changing cards during class time. There are three different ways to complete your album. Some students at Chapel spends more than 200 reais in packets with 5 cards and they complete their album less than a week. The other way to complete the album, and personally it was the way I completed is by buying 50-60 reais of packets and changing your repetitives cards with your mates at break and lunch time. The average time to complete the album using these method is between 2 and 3 weeks. The last and longer way to finish is by waiting your friends to complete their albums and ask their repetitives cards and glue them in your album.
I have quite a few repetitives cards and now I'm giving to teachers and studnets who still dindt complete the album. I owe Professor Max many cards because he was the one who gave me the last card i needed.

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa disse...

This has been an annoyance in class, but an interesting and fun phenomenon overall. So how long did it take you to complete your album?